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The Lou Harvey range of laminated bags and accessories in eye-catching, vibrant prints is easily recognised by its modern take on classic style.

Founded in 2002, what began as a hobby in Lou’s hometown of Durban, South Africa soon turned into a household name. The range is now distributed in the USA, UAE, Canada, Africa, and I’m excited to bring the range here to Australia.

It was after seeing the bags on holiday in Durban when I first noticed the gorgeous range. A few years later, after my second child, I became frustrated with trying to keep my traditional fabric nappy bag clean. It was then that I remembered Lou Harvey’s laminated nappy bag. I was sold! I visited the Lou Harvey factory, met with Lou herself and discovered her passion for her brand.

The Lou Harvey brand is socially and ethically conscious, and Lou takes great care to nurture the potential in people and communities where employment opportunities are scarce. All Lou Harvey products are ethically manufactured to a high standard using top quality materials, with Lou herself oversees the entire process.

When you purchase a Lou Harvey bag or accessory, not only are you purchasing a gorgeous bag, but you can be certain you are purchasing something from a responsible brand whose distinctive products are superior in quality, design and durability.

I just know Australian mums and women alike, would love her range, and I’m thrilled to be able to share them with you.

Lou Harvey Factory in Durban, South Africa



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